Lizzie Bentley was born in Birmingham, studied Fine Art at

the Ruskin (Oxford University) and moved to London where she found work

painting for the Film Industry. During this time, she continued to learn to

paint, attending classes at Heatherley’s School of Art, The Prince's Drawing School in Shoreditch, The London School of Painting, and spent a year learning Studio Practice with Jason Bowyer (NEAC) at the Kew Steam Museum.

Lizzie is now back in the Midlands living in Binton, near Stratford On

Avon where she has a studio.   

Working directly from life, Lizzie takes time setting up a still-life, usually flowers, in her studio. Painting in oils, she begins each of her paintings in a representational manner. Once she becomes absorbed in the process and the painting has established itself, she inevitably finds herself taking a more perceptual and emotional approach, capturing how she feels about the subject in front of her. 

“I usually take a long time mixing the exact colours that I see in front of me. It is important for me to paint the truth, to paint the true colours that I see. Photographs do not capture the colours that we really see. I intend to capture those colours. As long as I put down the true colours that I see in the subject in front of me then I know that the painting will be honest”.

Recent Exhibitions

The Gallery at the Guild, Chipping Campden “Looking for

the Light” January to March 2023

Broadway Museum and Art Gallery October 2022

RBSA Friend’s Exhibition Summer 2022

Lizzie is a permanent member of the Gallery at The Guild in Chipping Campden where you will always find a few of her paintings plus browser pieces.

Address: The Old Silk Mill, Sheep Street, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire GL569SQ

Open everyday 10am to 4pm.